Sea Squishies

Lola Remmert


Did you know that a giant squid’s eye is the size of a beach ball? The diet, habitat and body structure/appearance are all important to the lifestyle of the squid. Without these things, these magnificent mollusks would cease to exist.


Imagine this, you’re swimming through the ocean and you see a giant squid, his large eyes staring you right in the face. His diet, habitat and appearance make him unique a different from all the other animals and squids. Surely, squids are astounding creatures that can’t be beat.

Think Tank


Based on what you read, see how much you know about squids in this squid quizzle. Try and see if you can get every question right! If you do, then you are a squid expert.

Comic Strip

Learn an interesting fact in this one of a kind comic strip.
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Word Wall

Here are some words to describe none other but the squid!
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Acrostic Poem

Sea squishies!

Quiet but fascinating

Universal oceans

Inhabits icy cold waters

Deep dark waters


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My diorama features unique animals that live under the sea. Here are my creatures:

#1 Shrimp

#2 Coral

#3 Clam
#4 Jellyfish
#5 Bottlenose Dolphin
#6 Sea Star
#7 Sea turtle

#8 Squid (my animal)

Go Fish

For the Go Fish workshop, I got two Red Minor Tetra fish, two Green Female Crowntail Bettas, three Dwarf Zebra Lionfish, one Black Moor Goldfish, and two Nassarius snails. I filled the tank to the max amount, which is twenty inches of fish/snails. The money i had to spend on fish was $90.23, and I had $16.73 left over. My theme for the fish tank was ancient Rome ruins. I chose fish to match this theme.


Giant Squid (Architeuthis) footage, January 27, 2013