Giovanni Boccacci

A Renaissance Writer


Giovanni Boccaccio was born in Certaldo, Italy (near Florence) on July 1, 1313. He spent most of his life in Florence and Naples, Italy. As a boy he went into business, and also studied the Canon Law. He spent most of his younger years being educated in subjects he did not particularly enjoy. Boccaccio had no patrons, his art was never safe. He was a writer, he wrote poems and stories, such as Filocolo, Caccia di Diana, and Decameron which he was most known for.


Decameron was Boccaccio's most famous story. This piece was created from about 1349 to 1351. Decameron is currently a published book that can be bought, also available at the Bedford Library. In the Middle Ages, Decameron was one of the most important story. It gave the most accurate description of the Black Death in Italy. He describes the terrifying symptoms of the Black Death at the beginning to grab your attention.