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#WEareRH - first day reminders!

Arrive on time!

Classes begin promptly at 7:40am. The last bell rings at 7:40am, and students are tardy if they are not in class ready when the last bell rings. Students who are late must check in through the attendance office on east campus. Students will receive a late pass to admit them to class. Students receive a warning for the first three tardies each semester. Upon the fourth tardy, an after school tutorial/detention (2:50-4:30) will be assigned. If there is a fifth tardy, a parent conference with an administrator will be required. After the fifth tardy, students who park on campus will begin to lose parking privileges. If your child is a car-rider or drives to school, please plan now to leave home in plenty of time. Traffic in the morning is inevitable, so you might want to take time this weekend to consider this.

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Dress for success!

Bryan County Schools handbook details dress code expectations for students. Please take time during the first few days of to make sure your child(ren) are dressed appropriately. Shorts/dresses/skirts must extend beyond the length of the fingertips with arms extended downward by sides of body. Undergarments are not allowed to be visible. Detailed information about the student dress code can be found beginning on page 24 of the Student Handbook. Link to Student Handbook

Advisement during the first week!

During the first week of school, students will report to advisement at the beginning of each morning. They will remain in advisement for about 30 minutes. We use this schedule for Monday-Thursday of the first week to allow advisors the time they need to distribute and collect forms, share necessary and relevant information, and to help students and teachers get acclimated.

Students must return the health card, the demographic sheet, and the Student Handbook Acknowledgement form. Please look for each of these, complete and sign them, and make sure your child returns them.

Food for thought!

RHHS does not serve breakfast in the morning. However, clubs routinely sell breakfast biscuits a few mornings each week. This will start the second week of school.

Lunch is served each day, and the cost is $2.60 for students. Families are encouraged to use MySchoolBucks – our online lunch payment system – to keep lunch money on their account. Please visit this link to activate an account: MySchoolBucks website link .

The lunch menu for August is also available online: August Lunch Menu MS and HS

Get on the bus!

The first load of buses arrives at RHHS at 7:05am. Buses are lined up and waiting for students at 2:40pm, and most days the buses depart from campus at a little after 2:45pm. Detailed bus route information is online: RHHS Bus Route Link