High schoolers out of control!!!!

high schooler shoves another student ....

Today we witness a 7th grade student being bullied by a high schooler . she was shoved and pushed into a locker . Here's her statement. " i was minding my own business when this tough looking high schooler came along and demanded my lunch money. " when I told her no I needed for lunch and tried to walk away she quickly grabbed my shoulder and threw me into the locker and stole my money . " This was mrs. wards statement . As you can see the high schoolers have no discipline which also means they have zero maturity . Which concludes they dont deserve anything . Ms. ward and the rest of the 7th grade do because she tried to walk away from the situation . This hows the maturity of the 7th grade .

Mr. Ray statement about the bully

mr.Ray is taking the 7th grade side

Mr. Ray takes the 7th grade side in this case because Ms. ward was mature about handling this situation . She walked away from the problem . " I most defiantly take her side . " said Mr. Ray .

Ms. Lane hurt by high school kids while running track

Ms. Lane was running track when a group of high school kids came and knocked her down multiple times . She had badly bruised knees and elbows . This was a result of immature by te high school . Ms. Lane was ok and is expected to return to track .