Welcome to San Antonio

By: Jolene Gardner

Weather and Climate


What season- Spring

Highest temp- 62

Lowest temp- 32

Winds- In between 7 and 14 mph, they were mainly coming from the north

Precipitation- 0 to 0.05% of rain throughout the week

Humidity- It changed rapidly and it was a high percentage of humidity

Contact person- my uncle

How did they see the weather- it was gloomy, wet, cold

How close were your prediction- Very close, but not exact


The average climate- It was cold all week due to a low pressure system over San Antonio

Latitude of the city- Its closer to the equator (29.4167 N, 98.5000 W)

Prevailing winds- The southern winds

How big is the city- It's a small city

Is it prone to hurricanes or tornadoes- It is prone to both