Attractions along the Nile River

by Andrew olson

The Aswan High Dam

If you go to the Nile River you should stop at the Aswan High Dam. It was completed in 1970 and does a lot for the Nile. The dam controls floods like most dams but it also generates hydroelectric power. The dam uses turbines but it doesn't pollute water. The dam also provides irrigation water for farming. Those are some reasons why you should visit the Aswan High Dam.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is a huge Lake located in Uganda, and it is also the source of the Nile River here are some reasons why you should visit it. Lake Victoria is the start of the White Nile River and Lake Victoria is around mountainous area. Lake Victoria is 26,564 square miles so it is a large lake. John Hamming discovered the source of the Nile which is Lake Victoria.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the capitol of Egypt the Nile River goes right through it. Cairo is 600 miles away from the Aswan High Dam and it is 100 miles away from the exit of the Nile River. This is one of the only highly populated cities the Nile River passes. Cairo is a huge city and the Nile is a huge river and they pass each other which is cool.

Khartoum, Sudan

Khartoum, Sudan is where the Nile River combines into one river. After the river combines into one it takes a while for the two waters to mix. Khartoum is the capitol of Sudan. The river becomes a much larger river after they combine.