Mrs. Solis' 3rd Grade Class

September 28 - October 2, 2015

What we are learning next week:

Math- Students will be working with the x2 and x4 multiplication strategies. They will also work problems involving concepts taught earlier based upon information gathered from the first test.

Reading- Students will be learning about the theme of a story. As they read, they will learn to identify the author’s message, lesson or overall idea of the literature. As you watch your child read this week, ask them to identify the theme of the story they are reading and discuss evidence from the story to support their thoughts.

Science/Social Studies- Students will be exploring the properties of solids, liquids, and gases. As students conduct exploration activities in groups, they will be developing their scientific inquiry and discovery skills.

Writing-Students will be finishing the personal narrative, and writing letters this week. Focus of the letters has to do with our PBL. Ask your child who is he/she writing and why.

Math Superstars

Math Superstars starts this week. Students may trade a worksheet for one day of homework!


We had 100 % participation with Google Classroom this week! Thank you!!!

The next homework has been posted to Google Classroom and is due Friday, October 2nd at 7:45am.

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Spotlight Stallions

Spotlight Stallions will be recognized in the classrooms.

Stallion Heroes will be recognized at our 3-5 assemblies:

Character Trait Stallion Heroes exemplify the character trait of the month ex: safety, responsibility, respectful.

Stallion Super Hero will be the name of the all around great student that exemplifies all character traits and school expectations all of the time.

This week our classroom spotlight stallion is: Madeline. She is a hard worker, contributes greatly to classroom discussions and is always willing to help a fellow classmate. Congratulations Madeline!

Library Time

Our library time has changed! Our new time is Tuesday from 2:00 - 2:30pm.


Library: Every Tuesday

We have P.E. on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please make sure your child has tennis shoes.

Please initial your child’s planner every night.


Do not rely on an email or phone call to the classroom for transportation changes. Teachers are busy working with students during the day and often times don’t get an opportunity to check email until the end of the day. Please call the office during the school day so that they can get a message to the classroom.


Sommer staff is working towards 100% of the staff becoming a PTA member. Have you joined? Join PTA to help support our school! You can be involved in as much or as little as will fit your schedule. Also, watch for upcoming information about PTA fundraising.

Wish List

If you would like to help our classroom with the gift of a donation, we could use these items:

Prizes for the treasure box

Books for classroom library (send in books your child has read & is finished with)

Pencil top erasers

Upcoming dates:

Sept. 28 – Watch D.O.G.S. Pizza Night

Oct. 1 - Math test

Oct. 10 – Spelling Bee (4th & 5th)

Oct. 12thStudent Holiday