Year of 1968

The "Turning Point" events

Tet Offensive

On January 31, 1968 70, 000 Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces launched series of surprise attacks on 100 cities and towns in South Vietnam. North vietnam achieved a strategic victory with the Tet offensive. It was then marked the turning point and beginning of the slow, painful American withdrawal from the region.

Democratic Convention

The convention was held in Chicago, Illinois on August 26-29. This was right after MLK and JFK's assassinations. The convention was held to elect a new presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. Many was riots broke out on the streets where the convention was. One riot called the Battle of Michigan Avenue sparked a large-scale in American society.
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Assassination of Robert Kennedy

The assassination of Robert Kennedy took place on June 6, 1968 in Los Angeles, CA. He was killed after his speech when he was walking down the stairs so people could see their future president. He died 24-26 hours later after he was shot. He then was buried next to his brother JFK.
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Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

The assassination of MLK took place two months after Robert Kennedys assassination, on April 4, 1968 in Memphis Tennessee. MLK was known for trying to get negroes and whites to become equal adn stop being segregated. He made speeches that reached hearts and souls. He went on marches and fought for what he believed in. He was the Civil Rights and SCLC leader and founder. He died believing that whites and blacks will one day be equal, so when he died shock waves reverberated around the world to the news.

Election of 1968

There were 6 people that were involved in this election and they were: Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, and George Wallace who were running for president; Then Spiro Agnew, Edmund Muskie, and Curtis LeMay who were running for vice president. Richard promised to restore law and order. George Wallace was a third party and thats never happened before, but he didn't get that many votes. Nixon ended up winning the election.
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