Lauren Schlangen

A little bit about me!

Hello! My name is Lauren Schlangen. I am in my second year at Portland State pursuing a degree in English, although I have a feeling that might change, again. In addition to being a full time student at Portland State, I also work a part time job at Kate Spade which I absolutely love. While I do love this job, my goals for 2016 include finding a full time job near my hometown of Aloha, Oregon in order to save for another goal of moving up to Washington before this summer. I graduated high school as valedictorian in 2014 from Hillsboro Online Academy, so succeeding in online courses is definitely in my wheel house. My main interests include Stephen King novels, jazz music, beauty and fashion, Nirvana, reading and writing, staying active, my brown tabby Wilson and my amazing boyfriend, Christopher. My relationship with my family members isn't the best, but family is forever.
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