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Rock Bridge High School Newsletter April 30, 2022

Mission: Rock Bridge High School is a community in which ALL students and staff inspire each other to become lifelong learners.

Rock Bridge Families,

When we return from this weekend it will be May already. Very little time remains in this 2022 school year. Our Seniors will have ten days left, and the rest of us will have nineteen. The fast approaching end of a school year can be a highly motivating time for academic progress. The end is in sight, and we are all aware of what needs to be completed in these remaining days. Please take a moment, as a family, to discuss the outcomes you want from this school year and put actionable plans in place to achieve those goals.

May 2nd through 6th is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Our Rock Bridge High School Staff has felt a strong level of support from PTSA and all our families this year. We thank you for this! If you feel moved to do so, please send a kind note to a Rock Bridge Teacher next week. Notes of appreciation are often the greatest gifts educators receive.

Below you will find information about the following.

  • April 28 (Final) IPR
  • Tutoring Center Reminder
  • 2022 RBHS Retirees
  • RBHS New Assistant Principal
  • May 6th Flashback Assembly
  • Bruin of My Life Nominations
  • Materials Collection Information
  • Celebrate an RBHS Speech and Debate State Champion
  • RBHS Speech and Debate Showcase
  • 2022 Yearbook Information
  • RBHS Images from Spring
  • Counseling Message for Seniors
  • Calendar for Remaining Senior Activities
  • May Calendar

Wishing you all a strong and successful push to the end of our 2022 school year!



April 28 (Final) IPR

Interim Progress Reports (IPR) were available in Home Access Center (HAC) through the CPS Families Portal at noon on Thursday, April 28th. Please go to the RBHS website for CPS Families Portal username and Guardian email information or for frequently ask questions.

We encourage families to view their IPRs together and talk about academic progress in each class. If there are questions related to content or progress grades, please reach out directly to the teacher of the course. Remember that IPRs are a snapshot of a single moment in time and there is significant time remaining in the school year for grades to move from their current spot.

We appreciate you partnering with us in our efforts to achieve the greatest possible academic outcomes!

Tutoring Center Reminder

As we wrap up this school year, it is inevitable that we are all needing some level of academic assistance. Rock Bridge provides our Tutoring Center for all students during each of the 8 blocks. Our Tutoring Center is staffed by Math, Science, and Studies certified teachers and students with interest (and competency) in each of these contents.

9th graders are able to access this assistance during the second half (45 minutes) of their Advisory class period. They can also use their time in Advisory to seek assistance from their 9th grade peers, Advisory Mentor, and their Advisory Teacher.

10th, 11th, and 12th graders are able to access the Tutoring Center during the first 45 minutes of their AUT. Please speak with your student and remind them that their AUT is the perfect time to get assistance with academics.

Retiring Bruin Educators

We would like to take a moment to recognize and honor our 2022 Rock Bridge retiring educators! These are Rock Bridge High School Legends and will be missed greatly. Congratulations 2022 retirees!

  • Mrs. Marla Clowe
  • Mr. Dee Crosby
  • Mr. Chris Flinchpaugh
  • Mrs. Ramona Kroenke
  • Mrs. Debra Perry
  • Mr. Mike Pierson
  • Mrs. Ann Sullivan
  • Mrs. Deborah Tucker

Welcome Mrs. Henry!

We are excited to announce Rock Bridge Alumni, Mrs. Tonya Henry, will be joining our team next year as an assistant principal. Please join us in welcoming Tonya back to RBHS!

Mrs. Tonya Henry Introduction Letter

2022 Flashback Assembly

Rock Bridge Student Council and our Yearbook Editor Team invite you to celebrate the Class of 2022 and wrap up the school year together, with us, at our final assembly of the school year, Flashback! The Flashback assembly will be held during 4th block, in the main gym, on Friday, May 6th. We'll shout-out some major recognitions, thank our retiring teachers, see a performance from Show Choir and of course, present some Senior Bruin of My Life awards! We can't wait!

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Bruin of My Life Nominations

There is still time to nominate someone for a Bruin of My Life award! Bruin of My Life awards are a chance to recognize any Bruin (student, staff, teacher) who has made a positive impact on your Rock Bridge experience. Nominations will close on Tuesday, May 2nd at 4:05pm. The nomination form can be found at the following link: bit.ly/22BOML

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2022 Materials Collections

As we begin to wind down this 2022 school year we want to remind all RBHS Families to return all items you've checked out before the end of the school year. Any equipment or materials should be returned to the staff member or location where you checked it/them out.

ALL students will need to return their laptops, chargers, and other library materials to the RBHS Media Center by the last day of school. Students attending CPS Summer School will need to come to the Media Center at their convenience to have their laptop renewed.

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RBHS Speech and Debate State Champion

Congratulations Ahmad Ennin, the 2022 Missouri State Champion in Humorous Interpretation! If you want to see this award winning performance, you should come to the Speech and Debate Showcase on May 15th. See below for details.
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2022 Yearbook Information

Yearbooks will be handed out all day in Main Commons Monday 5/9 and during 2nd block Tuesday 5/10. Books will be available to purchase on 5/9 with check or card. Email tbrautigam@cpsk12.org with questions.

Purchase your yearbook before we sell out! Order through yearbookforever.com. Check if you’ve already purchased it here.

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Images of RBHS Spring

Counseling Message for Seniors

RB Seniors –

You are down to your last two weeks of school! Congratulations! This is a quick reminder that your last day of school, May 13th, is a half day. You will attend morning classes and then attend the mandatory Senior Meeting in the gymnasium.

All of your coursework, including any online classes, must be completed by May 13th.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, counselors visited Senior English classes to share important Senior Reminders. Those reminders are below for anyone who was absent and for Seniors who do not have an in-seat English class this semester.

  • All classes must be completed by May 13, 2022, including CPS Online and Credit Recovery.

  • If you are taking a correspondence course (BYU, MUHS, etc.), official transcripts or grade cards must be brought into the counseling office by May 10, 2022.

  • If you are attending college, update your application status to admitted in SCOIR and move your college to the box asking where you are enrolling to request your final transcript.

  • If you attended elementary school for CPS, see Mrs. Sonnenberg for your pictures.

  • If you are participating in the A+ program, all A+ tutor / service hours are due to Dr. Alexander or to the Counseling office no later than May 13, 2022.

  • Take a FREE 3-credit hour class at MACC this summer! To sign up, call 1-660-623-4100 (ext. 11331). This opportunity is available to the first 200 students. Enrollment begins April 11th, 2022, and classes begin June 6th.

  • Make sure you have everything turned in and all fines are paid by the end of the day on Friday, May 19th.

  • If you have taken any Dual Credit classes in high school (through RB or CACC), you must request to have your transcript from the college issuing the dual credit sent to the school you will be attending in the fall. Ex: If you took Dual Credit Personal Finance through MACC, you need to request MACC send your transcript to the school you will attend in the fall.

  • Senior activity dates and times can be found on the RBHS School Calendar. They are also available in Counseling a Senior Information a SENIOR CALENDAR.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your counselor.

Cheers to a happy last 9 ½ days of classes!


The RBHS Counseling Office

Senior Activities Remaining

Click here to view the calendar for remaining 2022 Rock Bridge HS Senior Activities.

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May Calendar

  • May 11 - Early Release (1:35 dismissal)
  • May 13 - Final Day for Seniors
  • May 21 - Commencement
  • May 26 - Final Day of School and Early Release (1:35 dismissal)