NSSD Distance Learning Update

October 7, 2020

A Message From Mr. Gardner

As promised in earlier communications, today was to be the first checkpoint of county and state numbers to determine if we are able to return to school for the beginning of the 2nd grading period. Both Marion and Linn Counties continue to show case counts well above the case rates required to allow regular in-person instruction, and the coming cold and flu season will create challenges due to the similarities in many symptoms.

As a result, the North Santiam School District announces it will continue with Comprehensive Distance Learning with Limited In-Person Instruction through the end of the second grading period, which will end on February 4, 2021. As we get closer to that time, we will reevaluate the ability to bring students back to school.

The District is planning to offer Limited In-Person Instruction as soon as we have our planning completed. This will not be able to serve all students and will be two hours a day. This program can be offered even though health metrics don't allow full in-person school in order to allow for shorter amounts of in-person instruction with individuals or very small groups of students who need the extra help and support from their teacher(s). The health requirement for this program is that no staff or student can have a case of COVID for 14 days prior to start, and, if a case of COVID occurs, this service will be on hold in that school for 14 days and only Comprehensive Distance Learning would be available during that time.

The District will communicate plans for Limited In-Person Instruction when we have developed them. We know that these times are difficult for our parents, students, and staff, and we will endeavor to do all we can to help during this time.

Technology Supports and Hot Spots

Thank You:

The District appreciates everyone's patience and understanding in rolling out Canvas and all the necessary logins to access student learning. Your support to assist students through the login process was a huge help in making the opening week go smoothly.

Parent Observer Accounts:

Parents have reported that the Canvas Parent Portal is a very helpful tool to monitor your child(ren). You can link up all your children and follow their grades, lessons and communicate with teachers. If you want to get signed in, follow the link.

Hot Spots:

The District has hotspots available if you are experiencing wifi issues. You can check one out at the District office between 7:30-4:00. Ask for Steve, Matt or Susy.

Need Help:

You can always email helpdesk@nsantiam.k12.or.us if you need any technology-related assistance.

A Must Have For Parents (NSSD Mobile App)

The NSSD Mobile App allows parents and students to be connected with their school. Parents reported last Spring the NSSD App was the number one way they wanted to receive information from the school. This powerful App brings all communications into one spot for parents. No need to visit Facebook, Twitter, website and/or grade portal, the App brings all this information to one spot for parents and students on your mobile device.

Follow this link to get more information.