Camren Risch

About the Job

Architects design buildings like churches, skyscrapers, houses, banks, hotels, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and many other buildings. So every building you see was probably designed by a architect. They also have to estimate how much it will cost to make the building. May also help clients find contractors to build these structures. Architects also check the building when it is finished to see if there is any problems.


High school classes that will help prepare students for college include Calculus, Drawing, Geology, Geometry, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra. You need or should have a bachelor's degree in architecture.


Offshore outsourcing is reducing the number of job openings in this job.Factors Affecting Employments is one... General economic conditions and public interest in renovating older structures affect employment opportunities for architects.


In Wisconsin the average salary range from $42,410 to $109,300 per year. The national typical salaries range from $44,600 to $118,230 per year. it can depend on the type of industry like, and the employee's education and experience, and the range does not include commissions or bonuses.