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Pre Transition Spotlight

The Pre-Transition Cohort serves students ages 17-19 who are socially and academically prepared to begin their journey into adulthood. Learners in this cohort begin to lay the foundation of the functional and vocational skills they will need as they transition into a post-secondary environment such as a day hab (with or without walls), or a job.

Pre-Transition students spend their days working in simulated work environments, where they get hands-on vocational experience in learning labs such as Shipping & Receiving, The Blue Moon Cafe and Hot Spoon, the Bodega, the PAES Lab, Paper Clips, the Print Shop, CVS, the Bike Shop, and the Comic Shop.

Our learning labs teach students a wide array of skills: customer service, food prep, taking inventory, money handling, using tools and machinery, clerical skills, taking orders and making deliveries, and most importantly, following multi-step processes.

The Pre-Transition cohort serves not only our students, but the entire school community as a whole. We serve breakfast and lunch to our staff, we receive and distribute packages, we repair and sell bicycles, we do the school’s laminating and sign-making, and we provide the school with office supplies. Additionally, Pre-Transition is working to create a curriculum to teach soft skills our students need such as identifying jobs and job skills, resume writing, applying and interviewing for jobs, reading paystubs, and budgeting.

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Please take a moment to thank our APs- use this Kudoboard to leave a message.

Jeannine, Tenia, Pierce and Mayra keep us all safe, sane, focused and engaged every day- let them know how awesome they are.

Paraprofessional Appreciation Day- 4.5.23

The heart and soul of our school, we could not do our jobs without the dedication, love and hard work of our paraprofessionals.

Paras, please join us this Wednesday, April 5th for bagels, coffee and pastries in the Parent Enrichment Room.

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Shout Out

To the staff, cast and crew that made Cinderfella a reality!

Thank you, thank you for such a spectacular event. From the red carpet, to the hors d'oeuvres, to the merch table, to the premiere- what a fantastic night.

So proud to be a Panther.

Opening Night Highlights

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Waiting to enter
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staff red carpet
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terrance sing