The Ford Mustang

When Was The Mustang Made

The Mustang was released (or born) on April 17, 1964 (Hays).

1964 Mustangs

Who Had the Idea of The Mustang

General Manager of Ford Motor Company, Lee Iacocca, challenged his team to create a new car. Iacocca came up with the idea of a new stronger and faster car, he is the exact reason for the Mustang. Furthermore Hays’s article also indicated, Lee wanted a car that could be driven “to the country club on Friday night, to the drag strip on Saturday, and to church on Sunday” (Hays).
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Lee Iacocca (age 90) Born 1924

Effects On Other Companies

Because of the making of the new Mustang in 1964, other companies made their own new cars to compete with the Mustang. The two primary companies who did this was Chevy who made the Camaro, and Firebird which made their own muscle car and then named it after their company (Sonders).

Mustang Turned Into Street Racer

When the Ford company installed the V-8 engine into the Mustang, it turned into the hot rod of choice for millions of horsepower worshippers, particularly after customizers like Carroll Shelby turned them into street racers. The Mustang was redesigned into a street racer, America loved it because they love the strength and speed of a V-8 engine (Saporito).

Did you know?

The Mustang has been mentioned in over 3,000 songs! Some of them are sung by well known singers, like David Bowe, Vanilla Ice, and Wilson Picket (Sonders).

The All New 2015 Mustang

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