A.K.A Our Second Life By: Julieanne Shannon

What is O2L?


O2L is a YouTube channel that contains 6 YouTubers. Each YouTuber has a certain day to upload a video. Here's the order:

Monday: Connor Franta

Tuesday: Ricky Dillion

Wednesday: Sam Pottorf

Thursday: Jc Caylen

Friday: Trevor Moran

Saturday: Kian Lawley

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O2L popularity

O2L became very popular quickly. They have all loved making 2 weekly videos (even though it was a lot of work). They all became super close friends. 4/6 of them moved into a house together. O2L had many events where they went on stage and and just made people laugh. There happiness was contagious, when they were happy about something it immediately made you happy.That's why many people like O2L because they make us laugh.

Bye, Bye Connor Franta


On Monday when Connor posted his video it was titled " A New Chapter ". Instead of Connors funny happy self he looked more depressed. Connor said he wasn't feeling like he was doing something he wanted the do anymore.He felt as if it was a job he didn't enjoy anymore. So from then on Connor Franta only made Videos on his main channel.

No More O2L


Very recently O2L decided it was best for them to stop making scheduled videos on the O2L channel and only post on there main channel.Even though many O2L fans were sad we have to think of what is best for them. They are all doing there own thing, which would be either acting or singing. They all are still best friends though.

Jc and Kian Big News

Jc and Kian had big news for everyone. They were both a part of O2l and decided they would make their own collab channel. They will make 2 videos a week. They haven't posted any videos yet but they have videos ready to be uploaded on the 18th.