Africa Smore

By Kade Naso


It Is one of several islands in the Malagasy Republic. Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world. The majority of the is overwhelmingly agricultural. There are lagoons across the eastern coast.
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Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is the largest insea in the world. It is 965,000 square miles big. There is close to 400 species of fish in the Mediterranean Sea. The sea also connects to the Atlantic Ocean.
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Altas Mountains

It is a system of ranges and plateaus extending 1500 miles.The mountain ranges that are in Morocco. The mountains are a climatic barrier. The mountains contain rich minerals.
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The Sahel is a semiarid region. It has natural pasture,with low-growing grass, and tall trees. Forage of animals ( camel, pack ox, grazing cattle, and sheep). At least 8 months are dry. And they get 4-8 inches a year.
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