U.S and Canada

The diffrences and similarities between the U.S and Canada


The U.S has 5.2% more Christians .6% more Judaism. Canada has 4.4% more none believers, 1.4% more Islams, .6% more Hinduism and .3% more Buddhism .

Canada has 1% more whites, and .2% more Asians. The U.S has 13.4% more Mexicans/Latinos, 10.2% more Africans.

Political Similarities

Canada and the U.S share the same two borders, about 300k people cross between countries everyday.

Canada and the U.S both have a democratic government and are free societies. Canada and the U.S have the same views on basic human rights. Canada and the U.S Both allow their countries to increase in population with immigration. Canada and the U.S both manufacture around the Atlantic. Canada and the U.S were both once colonies of the British empire. Canada and the U.S both have trade with each other in the field of technology and food processing.

Economic Similarities

Candada and the U.S both have developed countries. The U.S and Canada are eachothers largest trading partners. The U.S and Canada have the largest trade relationship in the world. In 2012. U.S merchandise trade with Canada con sited of $324.2 billion in imports and $292.4 billion in exports. Trade between these two countries are vital to each others economy.

social similarities

The U.S and Canada share the same major language being english. The U.S and Canada are both seen as "melting pots" because of how much immigration has occurred. The U.S and Canada are both very culturally diverse. The U.S and Canada have the same views on religion: freedom of religion. The U.S and Canada see woman in the same way; Women are just as equal to men.

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