Hero or Zero?

Jackson is Not a Hero!

Jackson is a Zero!

Andrew Jackson is not a hero because of the Trail of Tears, the Nullification Crisis, and because he killed the National Bank.

  • The Trail of Tears
If Jackson was a hero then why would he force people out of their homes? During the Trail of Tears Jackson forced about 16,000 Native Americans out of there homes in Georgia and into reservations in Oklahoma. About half of the Native Americans died during the trip. In my opinion, a hero wouldn't force people to move out of their homes.

  • The Nullification Crisis
During his presidency Jackson created the Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832. South Carolina didn't want to pay the tariffs , so they decided to nullify it. In response, Jackson and the Congress passed the Force Bill which made people pay the tariffs. The Force Bill allowed Andrew Jackson to use the U.S. Army to make people pay the tax. Jackson also threatened to hang South Carolina's leader, John Calhoun, if they didn't pay the tariffs. I don't think that a hero would ignore the 10th amendment, States' Rights, and force people to pay the tariffs.

  • Killing the National Bank
During the Mculloch vs. Maryland court case the Supreme Court decide that the government could make national banks because it was necessary and proper, the Elastic Clause. Instead of listening to the Supreme Court, Jackson hired a secretary to take the money from the national bank, split it up evenly, and distribute it to the states.The national bank was killed because of that. I think that a hero would have listened to the Supreme Court instead of going behind people's backs and shutting down the national banks.
Andrew Jackson Kills the BANK

National Bank Cartoon

In the picture below Jackson is fighting a multi-headed monster. The monster is supposed to represent the national bank, and it shows Jackson trying to get rid of it