3rd and 4th Grade Updates

February 15-19

What's new this week?

English-Language Arts
Paul Bunyon
  • Finish reading
  • Sequence events
  • Compare/Contrast Paul Bunyon and Knots on a Counting Rope

The Empty Pot
Students have been retelling the story and will be putting on a play for our younger friends (with costumes and props)!
Students will soon be bringing home their scripts to practice!

Locating the adjective and determining which noun the adjective is describing
Adjective Review Quiz on Thursday

Opinion Writing
  • Which is the best pet? A dog or a cat?
  • Using the evidence in the articles to support your opinion

Third Grade
  • Division Strategies (pictures, array, inverse operations)
  • Word Problem Strategies (CUBES)
Division Quiz on Friday

Fourth Grade

  • How to divide with remainders
  • Word Problem Strategies (CUBES)
Division Quiz on Friday

  • STEM Fair: daily observations
  • Space: The Solar System
Thank you to all families who donated to our Valentine's Card Exchange!


Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday

Third and Fourth Grade Division Quiz on Friday

Homework due on Friday ~ There is no spelling this week