Miss Sumpter's Awesome Updates

3rd Grade Class

What's going on in Class???


In Reading we have been learning how to make meaning out of words. I am kind of obsessed with Patricia Polacco so these are the books we have been reading together. I am trying to get students to understand how to determine the meaning of words even if they cannot pronounce a word. If students are able to determine the meaning of words they will learn that reading requires meaning and not just sounding out words, or knowing every word they read. It's amazing to watch students begin to do this own their own. Within our small groups I am working on; biographies, retelling/comprehension, informational text, and picking out Just Right Books with students.


We are busy creating true stories in writing. The narrative process is going smoothly, and the students are beginning to write more and explode memories within their writing. We work on Spelling in writing, and practice words that the majority of the class is having trouble with. The students are also realizing how important it is to make goals in writing, we make goals and work really hard to achieve these goals. This week we will be working on how to read like a writer and understanding how to edit writing effectively.


Our first Math test is this Tuesday!! We have been working very hard on Place Value in class. We also have discussed how to order, compare, and express numbers. This week after we take our test we will start on Chapter 2 in Math, which will be all about Addition. Please encourage students to use their online resources, this will help them out tremendously.


We have started a new unit in Science, which is on the States of Matter. We will be doing a lot of hands on experiments, so students will be able to work with the states of matter, and gain a deeper understanding of matter.

SC History

I am very pleased with how the majority of the students did on their Chapter 1 test!! Last week we started discussing the Geographical Properties of South Carolina, and the 6 Regions of South Carolina. The students will have a Chapter 2 Test on Friday, the Study Guide will go home on Monday and we will also be reviewing in class this week.


  • Cereal Box Book Reports are due on Friday September 27
  • Continue to keep collecting Box Tops for School

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