What you can do?

First of what is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly known child mental conditions. Most symptoms occur before 7 years of age like, inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior. It can not be cured but it can be controlled by medication or techniques you could use.
What It Feels Like To Have ADHD

What foods children with ADHD should aviod

What does sugar do to ADHD children.

There is considerable difference of opinion has to how refined sugar affects a child’s behavior. Many studies have found no evidence that refined sugar affects behavior of children.

Some feel that a typical celebration (such as a child’s birthday party) is linked to high sugar intake and therefore excitable behavior can be linked to the celebration.


The pros with this diet is that they are at least eating something healthy and getting the nutrients that are need. This also helps with them focusing more on school and other things. You as a parent or family member can help them with their school work. This also later on will help them control their ADHD better.


The cons to this though is that there are sometimes where if the child does not like it they will not eat even if you give them a punishment if they don't. This will cause them to later have a weak immune system. Some ADHD children have High Motabolism which when not eating they will lose weight faster and become weaker. As they become hungry they no longer are focused on school or other things, they are more focused on how hungry they are.

Typical week meals

In the mornings for breakfast give your child anything whole wheat like oatmeal or toast or certain types of cereal like cheerios and wheaties or other whole wheat or grain. Also give them milk or orange juice to start their day (not chocolate though).

With lunch you can make a lot of things for lunch, maybe like grilled cheese with non-processed cheese and whole wheat bread. Try to find low fat butter to keep you child still healthy.

Dinner, well this is a little hard because kids can be picky. Some kids do like mac-n-cheese so one night maybe make some but don't buy the box. Buy some whole grain noodles and get non-processed cheese.

**They must have fish at most 2 times a week.**

My Personal Experience

I have ADHD and there were some moments where my mom wanted to go crazy. When we went to my doctor to see what we could do because my medication was not working, that it was just making it worse, my doctor told my mom about this diet. Seeing now it has worked and I have been really healthy for now 7 years. It has now helped me to stay focused and my mom rarely lets me have sugar because she know that i can still become some-what hyper, but not as bad as when i was little. Also I have been able to control my ADHD so much better now.
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