I'm Not Her

Janet Gurtler

Book Review

Your'e the freshman dork that everyone refers to as the most popular girl in the schools nerd sister. You want to be known for something better but don't know exactly what. Could a sickness in the family make that happen..?

Tess has always admired her older sister. Her sister, Kristina, is the volleyball super star, the girl who can dance, the girl that every boy wants to go out with. The worst part of this is that although her sister is perfect, her sister is nice too! She’s always trying to get Tess to join her at parties, and to set her up with a cute guy. Her family loves Kristina more than Tess, and she always ends up in the back watching it happen.

Tess accepts the fact that she’ll never be anywhere as good as Kristina, until something unexpected happens: her sister has leukemia. Her family had always revolved around Kristina. First comes the denial, and then the panic, and the secrecy. Kristina doesn’t want anybody to know, but Tess is quietly screaming. What will they do as her cancer progresses?

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