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Word Work Make & Take

In this Make & Take session you will locate &/or create differentiated word work materials to use in your Daily 5 stations.

Word Play Everyday!

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Word Poverty

The chief culprit behind the reading achievement gap is the language gap. Advanced students enter first grade with approximately 20,000 words while disadvantaged students only have about a 5,000 word vocabulary.

Struggling readers rarely see different definitions of words. They need to play with language. Ask them to come up with 3 definitions for a word, break words apart and look for prefixes & suffixes, play with homophones.

Word Work in the Daily 5 Classroom

The Daily 5

by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser "The 2 Sisters"

During Word Work, we focus on spelling and vocabulary work with children, creating a richly literate environment that provides essential and often-skipped practice time. (The Daily 5, p 117)

During the Word Work time, students experiment with spelling patterns, memorize high-frequency words, and develop a genuine curiosity and interest in new and unique words. By playing with words, word patterns, word families, prefixes, suffixes, and so on, students hone their knowledge of words and increase their writing skills.


Word Work is not a spelling program, it is merely the time to practice moving words into long term memory. Kinesthetic activities are an opportunity for students to practice the words with their "muscle memory."
Daily 5 - Word Work | That Teacher Life Ep 11

Ways to Differentiate

Turn & Talk about ways you differentiate the word work to meet the needs of the different learners in your classroom.




Do all students in K-3 need word work practice?

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