NFL Scout

John Downing

Job Description

A National Football League, or NFL, scout goes out and looks for the next big football star. They are searching for players that stand out above the rest to put on their team. A job as an NFL draft scout allows you to work closely with the game of football and the players, but without having to play the game. If you want to become a football scout, follow these steps on how to become an NFL scout.

Job Salary

The Median for an NFL Scout is paid $37,457 a year. Only 5% or less is paid $53,082+.

Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities

  1. Find the best player/person.
  2. Have the best draft class
  3. Get the best player to fit you team
  4. Get the best info on the players.

Clemson University, South Carolina

At Clemens I majored in business and played football there.

My Tuition: 30,816 a semester because I am out-of-state.

It was a good school for me because I wanted to study photography and business and they have theses classes for me and a high amount of people leave with a degree in those classes.