Welcome to Seminar 1

Business Law 211

Welcome to Class

My name is Geraldine Gauthier – please call me Gerry. I am an attorney and I will be your instructor for this Business Law class over the next six weeks. My biography and contact information can be found under the Faculty Information button.

To get started, go to the Course Information button, where you will find the Syllabus, Assignment Summary and Late Policy. Please review everything carefully.

Under the Seminars button you will find the course materials that we will use each week in class, along with details on your weekly assignments.

The Discussion Board is where our weekly Discussion Questions and Business Scenarios will be posted. You will find a separate thread for each. Please read all Discussion Board messages. You are required to make at least 1 meaningful contribution to the Discussion Board a minimum of 5 days a week to receive participation credit. Posting your assigned Discussion Questions and Business Scenarios do not count toward participation credit.

In the Seminar 1 Discussion Board, I have posted Discussion Board Guidelines for this class. Please note that we will be using the Baker College Posting Convention that you learned in your orientation to Online Classes, which is illustrated in the Guidelines. The Guidelines also provide a useful list of tips to help you meet the substantive posting participation requirements in this course.

The My eLibrary button takes you to the Baker College Library. Select "Research Support" then "Research Guides" then "Legal Studies" to find legal research resources.

The Course Links button provides posted videos and other materials that accompany this class. They are labeled by Seminar Number, and should be viewed in the week indicated. The Course Links also contains the Discussion Board Guidelines, a full list of the reading and other assignments in this class, and other useful materials.

The Writing Center button will connect you with Baker College Writing Center professionals who can provide one-on-one assistance to help you advance your writing skills.

If you ever need Technical Assistance, contact the Baker College IT Solutions Center at 800-645-8350.

I look forward to our collaborative efforts over the next six weeks and to lively and dynamic discussions!

Professor Gerry Gauthier