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August 17th, 2020

School Starts Thursday, August 20th!

New School Hours

  • The instructional school day will be 7:40am - 3:25pm. Students will be allowed to enter campus at 7:15am. Students who arrive after 7:45am will be marked tardy. Students will be dismissed at 3:25pm
Please complete the Daily Dismissal Transportation Mode form. This lets us know your plan for how your child will go home each day. Every in- person learner must have a form by Tuesday, August 18th.
Parents may make an appointment to drop off student medications that need to be administered at school by completing an RSVP HERE. Appointments are on Wednesday, August 19th from 12pm-4pm. Please bring a completed copy of the Medication Administration Form if possible. Long term medications (4 weeks or more) will require a physician to complete the form. Please review the District Medication Policy. Email our school nurse, Shelby Pearson, if you have any questions:
All remote learners need the acknowledgement form below completed before the 1st day of school. The Parent Remote Learning Agreement can be found here.

Getting Ready for the 1st Day of School - August 20th

We are excitedly getting ready for the first day of school next Thursday. We want to share lots of important information that families will need. This newsletter is organized into the sections below to help guide you information that is relevant to your family's situation.

  1. All Students
  2. Students Attending In-Person
  3. Students Attending Remotely
  4. Student New to Bertram Elementary

For All Students

  1. This year we will host a "Virtual Open House" as an introduction to the school year. Teachers will be making personal phone calls on Tuesday, August 18th between 12pm and 4pm. They will call the phone number listed for Family 1. To ensure you receive a call, please be sure your phone numbers in Skyward Family Access are correct on each of your children's accounts.

  2. Each teacher is preparing a video introduction of themself and their classroom. These videos will be accessible on our website on August 18th as well.

  3. This year school hours are 7:40am to 3:25pm. Students may be dropped of starting at 7:15am.

  4. Due to COVID-19, we will be limiting visits to campus. Please call ahead to make an appointment. We will attempt to address situations by phone or Google Meet. In-person appointments can be scheduled if the situation requires. When visiting campus, please be prepared to show a valid photo ID.

  5. If you do visit the school, face coverings are required for all adults at all times. This includes the office foyer area.

  6. Due to COVID-19, we will not have any on campus volunteers at this time.

  7. Please be familiar with the 2020-2021 School Calendar. Please be aware that there are days marked as Professional Development or Student Make Up Days. Student should be available to attend school on Student Make Up Days.

  8. Car Rider Pro Tags from last year will continue to work this year. New families will be issued two tags before the start of school.

For Student attending In-Person:

There are several processes and procedures that families should be familiar with for the 2020-2021 school year. Please read this section carefully.

Please remember parents MUST perform AT HOME Screening of your student/s before sending them on the bus or to school. We are relying on your help to keep our school community healthy. Students with any symptoms should remain home and follow the district procedures. An email was sent today, Monday, August 17th outlining the home screen process.

Please send your student with a face covering on the 1st day of school. Your child will receive PPE once here. Teachers will be instructing students on how to wear, care for, and store their face coverings. Students will be able to wear their reusable mask home. They will also receive a neck gaiter that can be worn home. Please be sure they wear a face covering back to school the next day.

Students should bring a water bottle everyday. We have multiple bottle fillers on campus. Traditional water fountains will not be used.

Students riding the bus MUST wear a face covering. This applies to students of all ages.

BCISD is providing all school supplies for elementary students. Your child will only need a backpack, water bottle, and lunchbox (for those bringing). Please label all items with first and last name.

For car riders, please review the Car Arrival/Dismissal Map. Please see the NEW drop off locations and traffic flow map. There are separate drop offs for PreK-2nd and 3rd -5th. PreK-2nd Grades will enter through the gate between the Gym and Administration Building. 3rd-5th Grade will enter at the pavillion (like last year). This is to help with reducing intermixing of student groups. 1st-5th Grades MUST arrived with face covering on. We strongly encourage Prek and Kindergarten students to wear a face covering into the building. In order to reduce the number of people in the school, parents will not be able to enter the building to walk to classroom or to have breakfast.

PreK-2nd Students will proceed directly to their rooms. Breakfast will be provided for all students in their classroom. 3rd-5th Grade Students will be able to get a breakfast from the Grab & Go Kiosk in front of the cafeteria for car riders and on the side of the cafeteria for bus riders. As in past years, BCISD provides a free breakfast to all students.

Each morning teachers will take a lunch count of the students in their classroom. Students who are buying school lunch should participate in the lunch count. If a student forgets their lunchbox, the teacher will ordered the student a hot lunch from the cafeteria. Please encourage your child to communicate with their teacher each day about their lunch plan (buying or brought). As part of our school safety measures, we will not be accepting any food deliveries. Visitors will not be permitted on campus for lunch.

This year, birthdays will recognized on the announcements, birthday pencil, & in class recognition. Please do not send birthday treats (edible or non-edible) from home. Deliveries of birthday treats will not be accepted.

There will be times that parents need to check our their student early. Please wear a mask when entering the school including in the foyer. Please practice social distancing by observing the marked waiting areas. You must present your valid photo ID. All early check outs must be completed by 2:30pm. At 2:30pm, office staff will be preparing for dismissal of the campus. If you are need of an appointment with campus staff, please call ahead.

Please complete the Transportation Dismissal Form by Tuesday, August 18th at 8pm. Every student attending in person will need a form completed. This will ensure that your child goes home how you intend. We are able to accommodate different ways home each day as long as the weekly schedule is the same. If you need to make an occasional change to your child's transportation home, please use the Bertram Transportation Change email: . Transportation changes must be emailed in no later than 1:30pm. Teachers will not be able to accept transportation changes.

For Car Rider Dismissal, remember to have your Car Rider Pro tag in your car. Tags from last year, continue to work this year. Please be familiar with the Car Arrival/Dismissal Map. PreK-2nd Grade car riders will be pick up from in front of the gym. 3rd - 5th Grade students will be picked up at the pavillion. Staff will be on duty to assist with the traffic flow. The first few days takes some practice for everyone. Please be patient and kind with staff and other drivers. Please obey all instructions from staff. Our processes are design for a safe dismissal process for all.

YMCA After School Care is available on site as a tuition based childcare option. This service not run by BCISD. All registrations will be online this year. For questions, please call (512) 756-6180 or (512) 615-5563.

Parent Letter Sent - 8/17/2020

Remember AT HOME Screening is the most important step parents can take to keep our school healthy. A FACE MASK is the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduces the likelihood your child will be sent home to quarantine.

Staying Healthy At School

This year in order to keep students healthy and in order to limit their possible exposure to COVID, we will be following the guidelines below when deciding whether a student needs to go to the nurse's office. We will continue to offer a full range of nursing services including dispensing daily medications. Situations such as soiled clothing, papercuts, minor bumps, ect., will be handled in the classroom. Teachers have been trained in the guideline and are knowledgeable about serious conditions that require nursing attention including head injuries and student's Individual Health Plans.

For Students Attending Remotely

Please click the file below to view the Bertram Remote Learning Schedule starting Monday, August 24th.. It is organized by grade. Please pay special attention to whether activity is required or recommended. Teachers will also be sharing information about how to join your child's Google Classroom and Google Classroom Meet link.

For August 20th & 21st, we will have an abbreviated schedule as we work to adjust to remote learning. Your child will have assignments focused on sharing about themselves and one live meeting during the day. Please see the schedule here.

Remote Learning Schedule - Thursday 8/20 & Friday 8/21

Click Here for the Remote Learning Schedule for the first 2 days of school.

Remote Learning Schedule - Starting Monday, 8/24

This is the daily Remote Learning Schedule. This schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the campus.

For New Families

For families of students who have never attended Bertram Elementary, we will offer brief small group tours of the campus. Tours will be August 18th from 12pm-4pm. Families will also be given their Car Rider Pro Tag for Car Rider dismissal. The RSVP form is below.

School Cafe Webpage

Complete an application for FREE or REDUCED priced lunch here. You can also add money to your child's lunch account by logging here.

Skyward Family Access

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Bertram Elementary School

7:15 Student Drop Off/ Breakfast

7:30 Office Opens by Appointment Only - Please call ahead

7:40 School Begins

7:45 Students arriving after this time are marked tardy

9:00 Students not in attendance are marked absent

3:25 Dismissal

3:45 Office/School Closes