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Five mobile apps that help make learning more fun and accessible to students.

These apps are useful tools for all students, ranging from K - 12. They each excel in scaffolding some of the main subjects in each grade, along with offering organizational aids.
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An app that keeps notes, scheduling, planning, and projects/exams/deadlines/homework, all in one place. A perfect organizational app for students 7 - 10.

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The best source for quick dictionary referencing in a mobile app. This app is good from 4 - 12 in my opinion; as soon as students start to learn the meaning of words and how to spell them, they can make use of this app.

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Frog Dissection

A mobile app that allows a 7 - 12 Biology student the option of following dissection on an app, as opposed to dissecting an actual frog corpse.

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This app gives students access to a library of over 1700 TED Talk videos, covering practically every subject imaginable. This app is not only useful as an ancillary source of information about school subject matter, it is a fantastic tool for kids to explore personal areas of interest that may stem from school study or social activity. This tool can be introduced to a 6 - 12 student population I would imagine, for optimum understanding.

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Duolingo is a crowd-sourced app that helps language students translate real life phrases and words, and even documents in veritably any language. This app also offers language courses, so it is a perfect accompanying app to a high school language class.

The site is very user friendly for the most basic beginning level, both in tech skills and language skills. I find this app would be useful from K - 12.