Major League Second Grade News

Mrs. Moats' Class

Friday, February 5, 2016- A Week in Review

Please remember if you are attending student led conferences on Monday that my room will not be open until 4:30. I am out on Monday for district meetings and will return as soon as possible. There is a chance that I will be here by 4. If you are here by then, stop by and check my room. If I haven't arrived, you could attend the book fair or see your child's artwork in the hallway! Thank you for your understanding!

Urgent PTO Help Needed

North School Parent Teacher Organization needs new leadership. Please consider volunteering to help lead the organization during the 2016-2017 school year. The PTO is a vital part of the children’s education, providing additional supplies and materials for teachers, play and programs for the students, and support for extracurricular activities. Without leadership in the PTO, the parent-teacher organization could cease to exist. If you would consider the role of President or Vice President, talk to Jennie Wells by Thursday, February 11. Jennie Wells can be reached by calling (573) 230-4051 or emailing You are also welcome to call Barb Martin, principal, at 896-8304 or by email for more information. Thank you for your support of the North School PTO.

ALSO FROM PTO: A final reminder to bring ANY donations for ANY of the classroom themes for the Chili Supper Basket Auction by the extended deadline of Wednesday, February 10th. Your donations are greatly appreciated and are helping make some fantastic baskets!

From Nurse Donna:

I need volunteers to help with the Dental Program on February 25th. If you would be interested, please call me at 896-4425. In order for the event to run smoothly, I would like to have 5-10 parent volunteers. You will be helping get students to and from classes, taking notes for the screeners and a couple who would be willing to apply varnish (after watching a short training video online). I appreciate your help with this and hope to have volunteers secured at least a week before the event.

We will be making/decorating Valentine's bags in class next week, so there is no need to make one at home, unless your student has their heart set on it! Please send Valentine's to school on Thursday if you choose to for your child to pass out to their friends. You may consider just having your student sign their name to the cards instead of addressing to someone in particular. It will make passing them out MUCH easier since we have 19 kids that need to pass them out! Thank you!

One more thing....

We have been watching a Bald Eagle cam from Barry College in Georgia. Here is the link if you would like to keep an eye on the Eagle this weekend. She sitting on 2 eggs and hopefully they will hatch within the next few weeks.

Here is our week in review:

Spelling/Word Work: *I can identify homophones, words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. *I can use contractions as a shorter way to say something.

Reading: *I can use technology to research a topic and record one new thing that I learned.

Writing: *I can add chapters to my all about book such as a 'diagram of' page or a 'special kinds' of page.

Science/Social Studies: *I can identify that magnets attract and repel each other and certain materials. *I can plan and conduct a simple investigation to answer a question. *I can make observations using simple tools and equipment.

Math:* I can tell time to the nearest 5 minutes. *I can connect the numbers in a table to the situation they represent. *I can find the value of one quantity in a constant ration situation, given the value of the other. *I can practice counting coins up to $1.00.

February Character Trait-Honesty

An honest person would never lie, cheat or steal.

Items for next week

Valentine's Party@2 on Thursday!

No School on Friday!

Upcoming Events

February 4- Student Led Conferences

February 8- Student Led Conferences

February 11- Valentine's Party

February 12- NO SCHOOL

February 15- NO SCHOOL

February 18- Second grade play @9 and 7pm

February 18- Chili Supper(5-7) and second grade play(7-8)

March 3- Spring Pictures

March 4- NO SCHOOL- PD day for teachers