Alcohol fuelled violence

one punch combatance

sydney alcohol law reform

during this time many people were involved in alcohol fueled violence which usually lead to serious injury or even death in some cases. the public felt that the current laws on alcohol were not effective in stopping alcoholic violence a felt that something needed to be changed

Agencies involved in the law reforms

Victims of alcohol fueled violence and the people who it has indirectly influenced were key agitators in getting the laws reformed, this was helped largely due to the media reporting on the attacks

who changed these laws?

the law changed through the NSW government who changed a few laws to reduce the chances of alcohol and drug fueled violence such as: Lock outs and last drinks, Temporary bans, Takeaway alcohol sales etc

Have the lock-out laws been effective?

these laws have resulted in a 40% drop of alcohol fueled violence, but there is no evidence that people have been drinking any less.

but to sum up these laws have worked because the violence has gone down by 40%