Are Cell Phones Safe?

Are Cell Phones Really The Problem?

Many activities that distract drivers while driving are more dangerous than talking on a phone. Research shows that cell phones while driving is a factor in less than 1% of accidents and that adjusting the radio or CD player, talking with passengers, or eating, and drinking while driving are all responsible for more accidents than cell phones are.


SAFE: Cell phones increase personal safety by providing an easier means of trying to contact others during an emergency.Studies have shown an diffrence between cell phone use and a decreased risk of certain types of brain tumors. Numerous peer-reviewed studies have found that cell phones are not associated with an increased risk of brain tumors. UNSAFE: Children may have an increased risk of adverse health effects from cell phone radiation.Use of a cell phone while driving, even with a hands-free device, is unsafe and makes accidents more likely.Prenatal exposure to radiation from cell phones may increase the risk of ADHD and other behavior problems in children.




My opinion is that cell phones are safe for when they are needed because what if you get in an accident or you are in trouble you will need the phone to call the police or your parents. My other opinion is that they aren't safe especially if your driving but you can get injured or injure someone else. to me kids shouldn't be on their phones 24/7 they should go outside and have fun!