amnesia by trauma

by jillian bird


post-traumatic amnesia is a state of confusion or memory loss that occurs immediately following a traumatic event. the person is unable to remember events that occur after the injury. They may not remember person information either.

why i chose amnesia caused by trauma

i chose this topic because i think its very interesting how our brain blocks out a memory of an event on its own.

The Brain

Memories from just before the trauma are often completely lost, partly due to the psychological repression

of unpleasant memories.

There is also some evidence that traumatic stress events can actually lead to a long-term physical reduction of the volume of the brains hippo-campus. Amnesia can damage parts of the brain that form the limbic system.

If there is a blockage in the pathways where information travels during the processes of memory encoding or retrieval, or if whole brain area is missing or damaged, then the brain may not be able to form new memories or remember some old ones.

The Research And Psychologist

Henry Molaison has been called the most important patient in brain science. He was studied by a group of neuroscientists for more than 50 years. He suffered from severe amnesia. After his death, they used his brain for project HM. Their goal was to make stained histological slides that would help researchers map and explore the brain in new ways.

Somewhat Intresting stuff

-people with amnesia often claim they are in a constant feeling of waking from a dream.
-looking in the reflection of themselves is sometimes difficult