Motion Messenger

By:Maria Knoll,PD.7

Runner out

Runner Mary L got a toe fracture yesterday costing her the rest if her races. It started out as her just taking a break in track,just standing on the side of the track with her spikes on. She was getting getting ready to move and start walking when she fractures her toe. Newton's first law of motion explains how. As she was getting ready to walk her body was getting in motion and moving , but her spikes were not. Her spikes were still in rest from her standing still, but when her body was getting in motion her shoes were not ready. Hopefully she gets back in the races soon.

The Rolling Van

There was a horrible tragedy two days ago.Rowling F. Riction was driving over a hill on a one way street when her car engine died! Naturally she calls a tow truck company to help her move her car. 20 minutes later, the friction fighters toe truck company showed up. They tried just hooking the car to their truck, but when they started going up the hill they slid right back down. They realized they needed to fight the friction and put wheels under the car to help move the car up the hill,about an hour later the road was unblocked and the car was getting a new engine. You may be wondering why didn't the car go up the first time… Well Newton's second law if motion explains why. Although friction does have to do with it,the amount of force they used was also a problem. Force= Mass X Acceleration, and they were not accelerating enough to have the amount of force needed to get up the hill. When they added the wheels they decreased the friction but also made it easier to accelerate causing more acceleration, and more force.

Tug Of War

The national tug if war contest was yesterday. Here is a narrative of one of the tug of war matches. " Two teams facing off for first and second place, Team Force, and Team Motion. The two teams start, and team Motion has an early lead, but oh, team Force and pulling right back making it even! Motion is edging out but force is pulling to make it even again.Motion is inching closer to victory, they are gaining force(ironic) and pulling harder! Motion has won! But wow, team Force has all fallen backward, but why?" Well we are her to tell you why, Newton's third law if motion explains it. When team Motion exerted that force, that pull, the reaction was the force pulling an equal but opposite force, causing them to fall back.