How to survive High school

By: Jacob Stanley

Work Hard

Like in everything else, it's extremely important to work hard in high school. Your grades will actually impact the rest of your life. If you want a good job or to go to college you will need to have good grades. "Many colleges set a 3.o as a baseline gpa for college administration"(Peterson).

Seek opportunities and take risk

In high school you will have tons of new opportunities. These opportunities can and will range from jobs, clubs, sports, friends... The only way to fully enjoy the whole high school experience is to seek the opportunities that spark interest to us. You should take the opportunity even if there's the chance for failure. A great example is try out for that sport you've always wanted to play.

Navigate your future

Knowing how to navigate through all the new opportunities and choice what will help you will your goals. Yes I said goals, so if you haven't set any goals for yourself then you probably should start doing that. Having goals set will help you know what classes to take, and what type of extra work you should be doing to achieve your goal of perhaps being a doctor.

Joke Around

It's really important to joke around and have fun. It will help you from getting to stressed out. Also, joking around can express who you are as a person and help you make good friends.

Have firends

It's always important to surround yourself around a group of good friends for many reasons. First reason is, they will have your back when to going gets tough, and you need that extra support. Friends are people who can help answer your questions. And lastly, they're people who you enjoy being at school with and really make high school a memerable time in your life.
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