The Core Book Club - Central Dade

Join us as we discuss the art and heart of the grammar stage

So...what does the grammar stage REALLY look like at home?

Join us as we dive into this book written by the founder of Classical Conversations, Leigh Bortin! In The Core, Leigh incorporate the best ideas from the ancients and gives parents the tools to revive classical learning.

  • Learn techniques to help your children expand their knowledge base
  • Discover methods to strengthen effective self-expression
  • Understand how to raise a generation of capable thinkers and leaders
  • Use great books and historical documents to deepen your worldview

Reading through The Core will help you implement an effective and simplified homeschool that will better prepare our students (and most probably ourselves) for deeper learning and understanding.

We all know how important reading is, but we all also know how hard it is to find time for our OWN reading! Book clubs are a fun way to give ourselves a little accountability and encourage us to set an example and pursue those lifelong learning goals!

Join us for some fun and encouragement as we kick off our book club. We will meet together this first time and then we will keep each other accountable over the next few weeks with a goal of finishing the book before the holidays!

The Core Kick-Off

Saturday, Oct. 29th, 11am

2114 Granada blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134

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