Elementary STAAR Math and Science

Presented by Monica Dorcz and Jim Dees 3/19/13

STAAR Information

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness cover broad and deep ideas in a variety of different ways. The playing field has changed. We are going to have to use the same playbook (TEKS) with just a few tweaks in our plays (strategies). Students will be required to practice like they will play in the game. Coaches need to keep positive attitudes, high expectations and provide multiple opportunities in order to provide the best possibilities for success on the big game day.

Playbook - Practice - Game Day


Let us know how we can help you. We offered at the beginning of the year to come over once a week to 2nd and 3rd grade to help with CSCOPE, answer questions, give insight, etc. Please know that the offer is always open. We can be reached via email, phone, or calendar invites.

Monica Dorcz
Huffman Mathematics Coordinator

Jim Dees
Huffman Science Coordinator