Ernest Hemmingway

By: Mason Rosenbaum


1. He was in both World Wars.

2. He won the Pulitzer Prize.

3. He was awarded the bronze star.

4. The F.B.I. had a file on him.

5. He committed suicide.

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6. He was awarded the Italian Silver Star Medal of Bravery.

7. He served as an ambulance driver for the Italian Army.

8. He won the Noble Peace prize.

9. He remarried 5 times.

10. He wrote "A Moveable Feast" in 1920 and wasn't published until thew 1964.

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More Facts Again

11. He was featured on the cover of "Time" and "Life" magazines.

12. He was wounded in battle during WWI.

13. His most famous book of all time is "The Old Man and the Sea"

14. His cuban villa was made into a museum by Castro.

15. He signs up for the Navy during WWII and searches for Germans U-boats on the coast of Cuba.

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Last Facts

16. 4 of his books are published after his death.

17. He was a reporter for Canadian and American newspapers.

18. He covered the Greek revolution as a reporter.

19. He was a key part of the "Lost Generation" said by Gertude Stein.

20. He was a big game hunter and hunted many animals in Africa.