Camp Kesem UCSD Newsletter

April/ May 2015

Upcoming Events!

Spring Reunion!!!!

Saturday, May 30th, 10am

la Jolla Shores Beach, La Jolla, San Diego, CA, United States

San Diego, CA

Mark your calendars for our most-anticipated reunion of the year! We highly encourage attendance to this reunion, as we will be having a mandatory parent meeting that will cover all camp details and making sure both campers and parents are ready for camp this year! Sign up here:

Hi parents, families, and supporters of Camp Kesem!

We are weeks away from our first session of camp and are very excited for this summer's sessions! As of now, we have filled up both weeks of camp!! To keep everything organized and ready, we do ask everyone who has applied to please send us your children's health forms as soon as possible! And thank you to everyone who has done so already! We don't want to keep pestering you all, but please please turn them in :)

Additionally, we are still looking for three nurses. As many of you may know, camp cannot happen without these nurses, so please reach out to any nurses you know! Please contact us. They are vital and absolutely necessary for camp to happen!

We are also looking for in-kind donations (items, gift cards, etc) as well as monetary donations, seeing as Camp Kesem is funded entirely through donations and fundraising. Any donation, no matter how small, makes a huge amount of difference to us as counselors and fundraisers, and we would be seriously so grateful to receive any amount of help to make our two weeks of camp all the more magical!!

A benefit dinner and also our biggest fundraiser of the year, Make the Magic, will be held on May 16th. The event will include a full dinner, complementary alcohol for all our age-appropriate guests, a silent auction, and a set of stories for some of our incredible supporters, counselors, campers, and camper families! The main purpose of our event is to bring together as many members of our amazing and inspirational Camp Kesem UCSD family as we possibly can and share with all of our guests what Camp Kesem truly means for so many people so that we can continue to fund the incredible services we have been so blessed to provide. If you would like to attend, here is the registration link: If you cannot attend, but would like to help out with this event, we are in need of desserts, as well as items to auction off during the silent auction.

Also, remember we have an In-a-Pinch Program, which is a babysitting/ tutoring service designated to help parents and families in need. We also have our Counselor Cheer Squad, ready to cheer on any of our campers at their school plays, sports games, etc. Please send us a request with the time, date and details of what you need! We will try our very best to find counselors to fulfill your requests. We always try our hardest to complete each request and help out our families as best as we can!!

Finally, we have some new apparel! We have some quarter-sleeve navy or black baseball tees available. Of course they will be available at the Spring Reunion, but if you would like them sooner, please let us know!

Thanks everyone, and we hope our newsletter is helpful and informational. Feel free to give us any feedback on them!

CK Love,

Your CK UCSD Outreach Coordinators-- Cookie, Mango and Simba

Counselor Spotlights!

Thank you to those who donated a generous amount during the month of March!

  • T.S. Henderson
  • Erin O'Donovan
  • Scott Martinez
  • David Kim
  • Nelda Gonzales
  • Jessica Lam
  • Patricia Harris
  • Christine Delacruz
  • Bonnie Rosenstein
  • Gwen Weiser
  • Paul Macdonald
  • Billy Liang

Contact Information

Feel free to contact any of the three Outreach Coordinators (Cookie, Mango, and Simba) any time with any questions, concerns or comments! We love feedback!