Westward Expansion

By: Drake Shipp

Manifest Destiny Painting

The angle is the light of the people going west and lightening the darkness. The closest people are the miner going for gold and getting rich. To the left they are forcing the Indians and buffalo off their land.The train represents the train tracks that go across the country. Also the telephone wire is the new technology.
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Picture Timeline

The first photo is 1827 when UK and US jointly occupy Oregon. The second picture is 1836 when Texas established independence. The third photo is 1845 Texas annexed. The forth photo is 1846 US declares war on Mexico. The fifth photo is 1848 Mexican cession. The sixth photo is 1848 gold was found in California. The seventh photo is in 1849 when the gold push starts. The last photo is 1853 is the Gadsden purchase.
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Trails west map

The Santa Fe trail was mainly used for trade. The Mormon Trail was for religious and land purposes. The California Trail was used for gold. The Oregon Trail was used for land.

Texas Revolution

People moved to Texas for new opportunities. The Alamo was when Texans held up against the Mexican army. Sadly there were no survivors. The battle of San Jacito was where Santa Anna was surrounded and surrendered.

Mexican American war

Zachery Taylor was sent to buy new mexico and the Mexican army started to attack them. The tready of Guadalupe Hidalgo increased the size of the US by 25%. The gadsten purchase was where we purchased a small piece of land in hopes to build a rail rode.


Dear billy,

Life has been difficult out here in the mine and camps. We get about 4-5 hours of sleep and for what little gold we have found. I am going to try a new spot here in a couple of days because i cant take much more of this. We have almost no food and we are starving. I wish i would've stayed there with you guys.