Digital Citizenship

By: Faith and Adriana

In class we have been learning about digital citizenship and online safety.

What Would Grandma Say?

What Would Grandma Say is the idea that if your grandma was sitting there watching you while you were on a website, and you felt uncomfortable than you probably shouldn't be on it. Grandma might say "Why are you on this website? Did your mama say you could be on there?" is what grandma might say about Facebook.

Traffic Light

Green-A green website is a website that doesn't ask for your personal information like your birthday or email. It is also really safe and fun for little children.

Yellow-When you see a yellow website that means that you should slow down and ask your parents if its okay to put your email and birthday on there to play on it if it asks you.

Red-Its a website that asks all of your information like your birthday, email, age, full name, anything else that your'e if your uncomfortable sharing with the website. You're parents will not want you on that website.