Social Psychologist

Jessica Gomez


Social psychology is the study of how the presence of people can affect one individual's behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

Social Psychologist's Duties

  1. The duties of a social psychologist will largely depend upon the environment in which he or she is employed. If employed at a college or university, a social psychologist might spend the majority of his or her time engaged in research on various social issues, such as gender equality, conflict management, or race relations.
  2. Other social psychologists employed in academia may focus on teaching and training students to become psychologists themselves. Typically, social psychologists will teach or conduct research in the psychology department, but because of their training in both human behavior and research methodologies, social psychologists might work elsewhere, such as in departments of education, business, law, medicine, political science, or health science.
  3. Another area of work for social psychologists is in evaluating the efficacy of educational programming and human resources practices. For example, a social psychologist might be hired by a school district to examine their educational programs for effectiveness among groups of children based on race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or some other social cultural factor.

Educational Degrees, Licenses, and Certifications Required

Expected Salavary

According to that agency, psychologists can expect to make an average salary of $69,280 each year.

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