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Sunday, September 23, 2018


We had a great trip on Friday! Please be sure to ask your child about his/her favorite part of the experience and don't take lunch as an answer! :)


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The kids have been busy rounding! They've discovered that it's not as "easy" as they were thinking. We're going to glide through a review of multi-digit addition and subtraction and then focus on word problems. It's crucial that the kids show their work, organize their work, and put their final answers into sentences. Rounding will spiral back into our work when kids decide if their answers are reasonable. Keep those Exit Ticket corrections coming my way!​

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ The children have been working hard with place value, comparing numbers and rounding. Next week we start addition and subtraction of multi-digit whole numbers. We will also be solving word problems and talking about the term, "reasonableness," as it pertains to answers for those problems. During the last few lessons of the module we go back to working with the place value chart to recognize that a digit represents 10 times the value of the digit to its right.​

Book Orders

Originally, I had September orders due on September 30th. Let's change that to this Friday, September 28th. Please plan to place online orders by 8 am Friday morning.


Monday - Kids need sneakers for PE

Wednesday - Instruments needed for lessons, sneakers for PE, & it's a chorus day!

Friday - Sneakers for PE

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