Three Blind Mice On Trial!

By: Yashar Asgari

Story of their Journey from arrest to verdict

The Three Blind Mice got arrested for stealing one another's cheese. They then went to court where the judge heard their case to determine the probable cause and to set a bail. The plaintiff then went in front of a grand jury to speak his written, formal statement, his indictment. The mice then appeared in court during the arraignment to state their plea. Before the trial begins the mice established a plea bargain. This did not go well because the plaintiff wanted better reparations and punishment for the mice' actions. The mice (defendant) calls the petit jury, or peers they select to determine the facts about the case. Since the mice stole lots of money, they did not need to have a public defender, or an attorney that is paid for. The trial has now begun, and the plaintiff called his wife to the stand using a subpoena, or a legal document that calls you to testify as a witness, to the theft of their cheese. The prosecution attorney then called one of the mice to the stand, where he lied that he wasn't with his friends the night of the theft, he was then convicted of perjury (to lie under oath). Since this his role is only a misdemeanor (less serious offence), his sentence for perjury did not lengthen his actual sentence. Days later, the trial had ended and now it was the jury's turn to debate the final conviction. The three mice were convicted of theft of cheese (a very valuable asset) and were sentenced to five years in prison without eligibility of parole. The mice wanted to appeal, and they took their case to a higher court.