Online Business Idea

The Impact

This project has impacted me in many ways. It has made me branch out and learn to be a "communicator" as well as an innovative thinker to try and solve my problems. Creating a Business is not a hard thing to do, it's the constant work that is hard to do.
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Facts and Information

My plan is to design and sell fishing clothing. I have a personal artist as well as a website.

My company is called Setn' Hook and at the moment I am designing the website and the different artwork for my t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, swimsuits, sunglasses etc. My plan is to design shirts and equipment for both saltwater fisherman as well as fresh water fisherman.

Why I Chose This Project

I chose this project because I have always been interested in creating my own business. I have the resources to do it and i have a great mentor, my dad, who is the VP of Red wing Shoes. He know a lot about business and helped me along the way to make this dream become a reality


If the business works out and I end up making money off of it, I plan to expand and turn my soon to be well known brand into an equipment dealer for many brands like Shimano, St. Croix, abu garcia, and berkley.