Book Title:Reality Check

Author:Peter Abrahams Reviewer: Alexius Cottrell

Reality Check Booktrailer

Reality Check

Throughout the day everyone has their own personal schedules, and it could be difficult to stop the clock and sit down and read, but this book could change your whole perspective on reading, I did. Reality Check; New York times bestselling , is an overflow of suspense , and mystery that would have you eager to turn each page.

Cody and Clea ; just two basic teenagers with bright futures ahead took a turn when Clea moved to boarding school and Cody becoming injured. When things couldn't get any worse Clea is pronounced as missing having her family and Cody terrified. Cody noticed a letter that Clea wrote the day she was pronounced missing having Cody stuck on the words she wrote in the letter "It's hard to know who to trust sometimes".

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