Lego Totem Poles

A collaborative art project by Bel Air Elementary 5th grade

Lesson Objectives

  • Students will create a totem face with personal meanings using the contemporary medium of legos.
  • Students will express their personal meanings through their choice of color and design.
  • Students will be able to explain and justify their design choices and artworks' personal meanings.
  • Students will understand and review the math concepts of symmetry and fractions using their artwork as their concrete representation.

Our students at work:

Teacher Reflections

The major success of this lesson was how engaged our 5th grade students were. Many rated this as their favorite lesson of the year. Here are a few improvements that we will make for the next time around:

  • Create a view finder so that students have an easier time mapping their artwork onto the grid
  • Provide students with better resources regarding the meanings of color and personality traits that are associated with animals so that students will make more purposeful design choices and therefore have stronger artist statements
  • Give students an additional class period so that they may add layers to make their artwork more three-dimensional

Ms. Tice, Art Specialist & Mrs. Palmer, Math Specialist

In the spring of 2015, Ms. Tice and Mrs. Palmer were awarded a Spark Innovative Grant for the Bel Air Lego Lab. The Lego Totems are one of the creations that have come to life in the lego lab.