5th Grade Newsletter

*Don't forget - Field Trip on Wednesday.

Mrs. Cook - Language Arts & Social Studies

-This week we are reviewing theme by looking at two books - Corduroy and Rainbow Fish.

-We are also finishing up our study of the American Revolution with a "Show and Tell" activity on Friday. Ask your child about what they are bringing to share on Friday.

*Don't forget to read EVERY night!

*We DO HAVE WTW this week.

Scholastic Book Order: Your student may bring home Scholastic Orders from time to time. If you would like to purchase, the easiest way is by going online to: www.scholastic.com/bookclubs and using our class code: MCQ9Z

If online ordering doesn't suit you, you may choose to send a check (made payable to Scholastic). This helps us to earn FREE books for our classroom! :) I will submit the orders at the end of each month. Our next order will be submitted at the end of February.

Ms. Price - Math

  • Solve probability situations by finding fractional equivalents.
  • Create line plots from frequency tables
  • Demonstrate understanding of multiplying fractions
  • Multiply a whole number by a non-unit fraction to produce a whole number.

Accelerated math is homework every night!

Mrs. Young - Science

Science: We completed the Matter and Energy Unit. This week we will do the Hot Can/Cold Can experiment. Due to the inclement weather it got pushed back. On Wednesday we will be going to the Science Center to Experiment with Fire and Ice. This supports the unit we just completed. MOY benchmarks have been completed, and we will begin our weather unit at the end of the week.

Due to the lack of items for the auction, we were not able to have one. Hopefully we will get to have one the last nine weeks.

Midterm progress reports will be sent home on Friday.

Thanks for all you do!

Info for Parents & Students

  • Please be sure to sign your child's planner each night in PEN with your FULL name (no initials). Students need to be proactive by bringing their planner to you with all of their homework listed.
  • Each Friday there will be a conduct grade written into your child's planner. This conduct grade takes into consideration behavior, talking, work ethic (classwork & homework), and how well the 7 Habits have been followed each week.
  • **Don't forget - Field Trip is Wednesday! No need to pack a lunch since we will be eating at Golden Corral
  • **Progress Reports are being sent home on FRIDAY.

Field Trip - Science Center and Golden Corral

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 8:30am

243 3rd Avenue Northeast

Hickory, NC


Thursday, Feb. 25th, 6:30pm

Blackburn Elementary School, Newton, NC, United States

Newton, NC

Progress Reports Go Home

Friday, Feb. 26th, 2:30pm