April Music Newsletter

April 2016 Jamestown Elementary Music

Music Notes:

Dear Parents,

We have been very busy in the music rooms preparing for Spring Concerts, the Spanish/Music morning meeting, the 4th Grade Play, recorder recitals and much more! Take a look at what your student has been doing in each grade level below.

*Don't forget to look at Chorus and Instrumental at the bottom of the flyer, especially for information on the Hershey Park field trip on June 10th. Look at our calendar to stay up-to-date with upcoming concerts and events!

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Ms. Emily Sternisha


Dr. "M" Sadowsky


Mr. Erik Kamenski


What's going on in the Music Room?


PRE-K continues learning different instruments and songs in music class.


Montessori's music classes in April included many interdisciplinary activities like: literacy through music, drama, food and garden.


MIPA continues learning music concepts with adaptation for each grade level.


In APRIL Kindergarten continues learning about Same and Different (Form in Music), Rhythm Patterns (long/short) -- and how to identify rhythm patterns in songs that they already know.

1st Grade

In APRIL 1st graders continue learning how to notate Sol-Mi-La, and how to perform an ostinato pattern.

2nd Grade

In APRIL, 2nd graders review different forms in music (AB, AAB, ABA) and learn about Rondo form. They continue practicing songs that include sol-la-mi-do and re, and learn several songs in Spanish to perform in the May all-school morning meeting.

3rd Grade

Third Graders have successfully learned 5 notes on the recorder and are presenting recorder recitals to other classes in the school. They are playing 8 pieces in the recital, including the challenging "Jingle Bells". Third graders are also reviewing for their final music reading assessment with fun games such as Kahoot! and music baseball. For the Spanish/Music morning meeting, third grade will lead the birthday song from El Salvador, "Las Mananitas".

4th Grade

4th Graders have been very busy preparing for their play "Why do Mosquitos Buzz in People's Ears". All 4 classes learned songs, motions, speaking lines, instrumental parts and acting parts and did a wonderful job at the final performance. Ms. Sternisha is very proud of them! 4th graders are now working in their recorder packets and preparing "El Torito Pinto" for the morning meeting.
"Funga Alafia"

5th Grade

5th Graders recently finished a composing unit where they created jingles for "Mom's Pizza". They worked hard on choosing appropriate rhythms, writing with correct notation and creating a singable melody. They then performed their pieces for their class on the recorder or xylophone. 5th Graders are now finishing up their recorder packets and will start a Garage Band unit in May. They will also start working on their song for Promotion.


All Chorus members will be going to Hershey Park on Friday, June 10th. If you have not done so yet, please fill out the field trip forms and bring in the appropriate amount of money as soon as possible (checks made payable to Jamestown Elementary School). If you need forms, they are on the music bulletin board, or you can email Ms. Sternisha.

The Arlington Children's Chorus will be holding auditions this June. They rehearse on Tuesday evenings and are for singers in grades 2-12. They perform all over the DC area, including the Kennedy Center! If your son/daughter is looking for more singing opportunities and would like to audition, email Ms. Sternisha.

Upcoming Events: Mark your calendars now!

Hershey Park: Friday, June 10th all day

Spring Concert: Thursday, June 16 7:00pm at Williamsburg Middle School (auditorium)

**5:50pm call-time for chorus and 5:30 for instrumental members (they need a short 'run-through' to practice being on stage and get used to the lighting)

Band & Strings

*Hershey Park - June 10th. If you son/daughter is going and has not returned the forms & money, please do so by next Tuesday or they will not be able to attend. (If they lost their forms, please get them from the music bulletin board or from Mr. Kamenski).

*Spring Concert - June 16th at Williamsburg Middle School. 5:30pm call. Practice, practice, practice!!


Please remind your child to practice! 5-20 min, 4-5 times a week!! The more they get out their instruments the better! I am always available for extra help


You can now register for the Vienna Band Camp! It’s a great way to play, learn and have fun during the summer! http://www.mcleanband.org/vienna-band-camp.html


Does your child want more of a challenge, or do they want extra help? Private music lessons are a great idea! They are the best way for your child to excel on their instruments. Ask me for teacher recommendations!

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