Ai Weiwei

Chinese Contemporary Multimedia Artist

Major Works

Ai Weiwei is a famous Chinese contemporary multimedia artist, that is also a political activist, and expresses them through his artwork. He has created many videos, images, that have much meaning under their simple image. Some examples are, the Coca-Cola Vase (2010), Sunflower Seeds (2010), Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads (2011), and the Study of Perspective (1995-2003).

In his photo, the Study of Perspective (Tiananmen), he uses a gesture, the middle finger. This can be seen as a sign of rejection, toward Chinese Authority.


Ai Weiwei was born in Beijing, China, in August 28, 1957. His father was a poet, who was against the rightest movement in China at the time. In 1958, his family was sent to a labor camp in Beidahuang, Heilongjiang. They were also exiled Shihezi, Xinjiang, where they lived for 16 years. His family would return to China in 1976. Ai Weiwei enrolled at the Beijing Film Academy, where he studied animation.