Advanced Wild Deer

The next step in the Wild Deer Apprenticeship Program

Calling All Wild Deers

Are you ready for the next step on your earth skills and mentoring journey?

The PINE Project is proud to be offering a second year option for all Wild Deer graduates. The year 2 journey intends to narrow the focus by refining and developing proficiency with some of the most important survival skill sets, especially around the sacred 4 (shelter, water, fire, food) as well as exploring some more advanced wilderness arts and crafting. It also encourages forging your own customized path as a naturalist, wilderness arts practitioner, and mentor.

You will join the first year Wild Deer for their regular weekends . Here you will be fulfilling specific acorn roles to create the cultural container for effective learning under the guidance and mentoring of senior P.I.N.E staff. You will have the opportunity to build your understanding of the acorn model and build your mentoring tool box. While the first year students are learning the basic skills, you will be working with other mentors at refining your wilderness & naturalist skills with a big focus on the sacred 4.

You will also have 3 custom weekends at our P.I.N.E. Muskoka Primitive Camp.

We will be camped out in the backwoods living the sacred 4.


Wild Deer weekends:

Jan 3-5, Jan 31- Feb 2, Feb 28-Mar 2, Mar 28 - 30, May 2-4, June weekend TBD

Custom weekends:

Fall Skills - Oct 11 - 13, 2013

  • Building and sleeping in primitive shelters

  • Fall foraging for food and materials

  • Berry baskets & water proof containers

  • For ppl with a hunting & fishing licenses there will be an opportunity to hunt small game and catch fish to feed the group

Winter Skills - Feb 21 - 23

  • Winter Shelters & Staying warm

  • Lights, torches & lamps

  • Tracking for food & trapping

  • Ice fishing

  • Winter Ecology

  • Ice safety

Spring Skills - May TBD

  • Spring edibles & foraging

  • Digging sticks & other tools

  • Moccasin making

COST: $950

Interested? Contact Us!

It is a unique opportunity to dive deep in your nature connection & skills path. We will be taking a maximum of 8 people for this program as the depth we wish to go with it would not be conducive to larger groups. We hope to have you with us.

Call or email PINE if you would like to sign up, or have any further questions!

(All participants must have completed the first year Wild Deer Apprenticeship).