The Ben Ben stone

The obelisk

One of the main symbols

It is the central image. The image is a 2-D representation of a 3-D obelisk, which you can understand as an elongated pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, you have the uppermost point of the obelisk. It is called the “Ben Ben” point.

The creation Myth of Anunian Theurgy

Anu = Heliopolis

Anunian Theurgy is the first major theological system of Ancient Egyptian culture and the earliest known developed religion in human history. It is based on the Tree of Life (T.O.L.) of Anunian Theurgy. Anunian Theurgy is the mythological description of how Creation came into being based on the teachings of the Ancient Egyptian priesthood of the city of Anu (called Heliopolis by the ancient Greeks).

Technu is the obelisk.

Technu relates to the term techn, which means to vibrate. The term techn is related phonetically to the term dchn, which means to vibrate as in playing a musical instrument. When you utter words of power, those words shake your earth element. You are shaking your upper psycho-spiritual consciousness centers to move the body,

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The Bennu bird

is what the Greeks called the Phoenix. The Bennu is similar, in some ways, to the sunbird of the Native Americans. The Bennu is a bird that resurrects every day with the newborn sun. It is in fact the newborn sun.